Kentucky roads closed due to flooding

Kentucky roads closed due to flooding
Sheriff: turn around, don't drown!

KENTUCKY. (KFVS) - Some Kentucky roads, in the Heartland, are closed due to flooding.

Never drive through flooded roads. Turn around, don’t drown.

Carlisle County

KY 80 has Water Over Road signs posted at the 2.5 mile marker in Arlington in the West End Area between KY 1172 and U.S. 51.

Fulton County

The Dorena-Hickman Ferry is closed due to floodwaters over the Kentucky Landing. The closure is estimated to last until about May 10.

KY 1354 is closed between KY 94 and the Dorena-Hickman Ferry Landing in Hickman Harbor. Signs are posted.

Graves County

KY 1485/Bellville Rd closed at 1.13 mile marker, due to culvert washout, until further notice.

Hickman County

KY 123 is closed at the 14-16 mile marker in the Hailwell corner area. Signs are posted.

KY 2569/Holland Lane is closed, until further notice, between the Hickman-Fulton County Line and the Purchase Parkway Overpass due to a shoulder washout.

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