Southern Ill. restaurant applies for small business loan, not sure if they will keep it

Heartland business gets paycheck protection loan plan

MURPHYSBORO, Ill. (KFVS) - Many small businesses are in the same boat as 17th street BBQ in Murphysboro and Marion.

“So, we were one of the first to get the paycheck protection plan loan; however, the loan does not help us the way it’s written and it’s really disappointing," co-owner Ami Miller said.

This is true for many other businesses.

Mills said they could not pay all of their employees and keep the power on with just local business.

“The loan must use 75 percent for your employees at the same time as full time equivalent hours, and 25 percent can go towards mortgages and utilities," she said.

17 Street did receive a loan, the process was easy, but Mills was not sure she would keep it for her business.

“We may have to give it back," she said. "We may keep it as a loan but even the loan process is not in our favor, because you have to repay the loan in two years.”

Mills said they need that money for when they open, not while they are closed for one day a week curbside pickup.

Mills said chain restaurants are not the only restaurants in the United States.

“The success of an American restaurant impacts trillions of people, and if we do not figure out a way to save these restaurants, it will be very sad for America."

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