KFVS now offers seven FREE channels

KFVS12 has upgraded our over the air signals and is now offering SEVEN FREE over-the-air channels.

Viewers with televisions that receive KFVS12 through an antenna should re-scan their TV tuners to make sure you’re able to receive our over-the-air channels.

Re-scanning is a simple process. Normally you start by accessing the “menu” on your TV. Then just follow the prompts looking for “set-up,” “channel scan,” “auto-scan,” or similar labels. Each TV is a little different so check your TV manual if you need step-by-step instructions.

You can also click HERE for the FCC.gov Rescan webpage to learn more about how to re-scan your TV tuners.

All channels are broadcast through the primary KFVS over-the-air signal and are accessed by tuning your TV to channel 12.1, 12.2, 12.3, 12.4, 12.5, 12.6, or 9.1.

Here are details about our seven free over-the-air channels


This is the KFVS12 primary signal, your CBS Network affiliate. KFVS12 is available over-the-air on digital channel 12.1, as well as both satellites services, all local cable providers.


This is KFVS-TOO, The Heartland’s CW network affiliate. It carries all CW Network programming, plus Heartland News and other syndicated programs. Click HERE for the official CW Network web site. KFVS-TOO is available over-the-air for free on digital channel 12.2, as well as both satellite services and all local cable providers


Channel 12.3 is Circle Network, a country music lifestyle channel. Circle is a partnership between Opry Entertainment Group and Gray Television, owner of KFVS. Circle features original programming centered around artists and their music, hobbies, outdoor and offstage adventures, food, family, and friends. Circle will also offer entertainment news, documentaries and movies, and broadcasts of live performances from the Grand Ole Opry.

Click HERE for the official Circle web site

Click HERE for a quick video look at Circle

The Circle is available over-the-air for free on digital channel 12.3, as well as most local cable systems. Contact your cable provider or check an updated channel line-up to see if and where you can watch Circle.


You’ll find the best classic shows of TV past on MeTV Heartland 24 hours a day for free on digital channel 12.4. MeTV Heartland is also be available on many local cable systems including channel 699 on Spectrum.

Click HERE for the MeTV schedule

Click HERE for the official MeTV web site


The Grit Network is on digital channel 12.5. Grit is your home for classic westerns and action movies. You’ll see legendary stars like John Wayne, Clint Eastwood, Charles Bronson, Chuck Norris, and many more. Click HERE for the official Grit web page and to see the program schedule

Grit is available for free over the air on digital channel 12.5. Grit is also available on some local cable systems.


The Oxygen True Crime Network is available on channel 12.6. Click HERE for the Oxygen program schedule


Telemundo Heartland is available on channel 9.1. This is your official Telemundo affiliate. Click HERE for the Telemundo program schedule