Mount Vernon, Ill. hotel rooms available for nursing home workers

Mt. Vernon hotel rooms offered to Healthcare workers

MOUNT VERNON, Ill. (KFVS) - Many communities across the Heartland have been affected by the coronavirus pandemic. Mount Vernon is no different.

The Local Drury Inn partnered with the State of Illinois to allow the nursing home workers to stay there if they test negative. They do not want the workers to infect their families at home.

“The Drury hotel is a state project, the county had its own plan, the state came in and contracted with the Drury for situations like this," said Mayor John Lewis.

The Drury Inn is for local health care workers.

“It’s only for our people in our region, to help us," Lewis said.

As tests turn positive, more tests become readily available for your county.

“We went to Springfield yesterday, so we can have more test kits, so we can have all the residents and staff tested," he said.

Lewis said, “I’m glad the state did their due diligence and protecting the citizens.”

Lewis is also proud of his community.

“Everybody is stepping forward," he said. "We are getting them the resources they need and the city is able to supply through the state.”

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