Officials say before you spend your stimulus money, think about small businesses

Push for hometown shopping

CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. (KFVS) - If you’re getting a check from the government and plan on spending that money, one Heartland chamber president said she hopes you think about spending it in your hometown.

Marcie Lawson heads up the Sikeston Chamber of Commerce.

She talked about the IRS depositing those economic impact payments in bank accounts across the country.

“The buzz has been all about the stimulus check,” Lawson said.

“There are a lot of people who are missing that pay check and really need for their bills and we want them to use that money for that but there are a lot of people like me and you who are able to work at home," she continued.

Lawson hoped those looking to spend that extra money will keep small businesses in mind.

“So what I’m hearing from my chamber members is that this is going to hurt this going to be something that is going to be struggle,” Lawson said.

She said the chamber is doing everything it can to help Heartland business owners during these tough times.

“We’re going to push some social media, few emails, get some stuff out our website,” Lawson said.

Darrin Johnson owns Ultimate Flooring and Paint in Sikeston.

“It’s been trying, it’s been difficult,” Johnson said.

He said right now they need all the help they can get.

“March alone we were probably down a 150,000 dollars for the month. Looks like we’ll be close to that in April,” he said.

Johnson worried about an uncertain future.

“Every month that it goes on it’s going to get harder and harder to comeback from this as a small business," he said. “We plan things out for the year and we cut everything we can cut."

And Johnson said all he wants is for the community to help out.

“Instead of maybe going to Amazon or something like that spend it locally if you can and really try to help this community grow back,” he said.

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