Family holds surprise Quarantine Parade for East Prairie, Mo. couple

Family holds surprise Quarantine Parade for East Prairie, Mo. couple
Dean and Linda Linhart of East Prairie, Mo. were surprised with a parade in their honor. Family lined up their vehicles to show the couple how much they are loved and missed. Family didn't let social distancing place a boundary on showing they were thinking of Linda & PaPa. (Source: Mary Jane Jones)

EAST PRAIRIE, Mo. (KFVS) - During these days of social distancing, many are finding creative ways to celebrate birthdays and other life milestones.

These clever celebrations are also warming the hearts of those watching from the sidelines.

The same could be said for an East Prairie, Missouri couple. Only it wasn’t a special day on the calendar, but it turned into one they won’t likely forget.

Linda and Dean Linhart were spending a quite day at home on Sunday, March 29, due to COVID-19 restrictions and recommendations.

The couple knew there wouldn’t be the normal chatter and company they are used to having on a daily basis.

So, while the Linhart’s were missing their family, they were plotting.

Their children, grand children, great-grand children and honorary family members had a plan that would go straight to their hearts. It was actually straight down the Linhart’s street.

All the family that could make it, drove their vehicles in a special parade to honor, celebrate and to show their love for “Linda and PaPa.”

Some of the ‘floats’ had signs reading they loved the couple, balloons and lots of smiles.

Family wanted to show the couple through their “Surprise Quarantine Parade” that they were missed and all would be together soon.

The couple’s daughter, Mary Jane Jones who took pictures of the parade, said her parents were thrilled with the surprise. They smiled, laughed and waved as each vehicle passed by.

The Linhart’s are used to seeing most of the children on a daily basis. They frequently babysit them.

Jones said her dad just questioned, " Why did they have to leave so fast?"

As for Linda, Jones noticed she had tears in her eyes when she said,“That was the sweetest thing for them to do. They love us so much!”

Social distancing has been tough for many, but showing Thank you for sharing your heartwarming story and surprise with the Heartland.

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