Humane society hopes for more adoptions during COVID-19 pandemic

Humane society hopes for more adoptions during COVID-19 pandemic

CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. (KFVS) - The Humane Society of Southeast Missouri are looking for more adoptions to help prepare for emergencies during the coronavirus pandemic.

The humane society is part of the Cape Girardeau Emergency Plan and is working with the health department so they can be ready to respond with any needs pets might have in the area.

The shelter was full when the coronavirus started making it’s way into the area which is why they are now calling for more people to adopt a pet to help empty the shelter to be better prepared.

"Now is the time to come out an adopt," Humane Society of Southeast Missouri Executive Director Tracy Poston said. "Now is the time to become a new foster and get as many animals as we had in the shelter out of the shelter. Our staff, we don't even have enough people to do shifts or anything with that many animals, so we wanted to be able to protect our staff and make some smart choices and be prepared."

Poston also urges people to have a plan for their pets if they ever have to abruptly leave their home for an emergency.

"Having preparations to protect your pets at this time is really important," Poston said. "So you want to be thinking about who outside your family can care for your dogs, who might be able to come to your home and pick up your dogs and take them home."

As part of the preparations, Poston mentioned to include medical history, schedules, food diets and medications they might be on.

She also said since so many people are staying at home, it’s a great time to spend some quality time with your new pet if you were to adopt.

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