Heartland residents join in with Quarantine Karaoke

Heartland residents join in with Quarantine Karaoke

JACKSON, Mo. (KFVS) - People around the Heartland are joining in on the Quarantine Karaoke nationwide movement.

Quarantine Karaoke is a Facebook group created by Joseph Meyers on March 18th to encourage people to post videos of themselves singing their favorite songs.

The goal of this is to distract people from the COVID-19 world pandemic and pull each other closer together through positive and fun videos.

Ashley Irey lives in the Jackson, Mo area. She said she was invIted to join and tried it out for herself.

"It brought me so much joy," Irey said. "Mostly because, one, I am staying quarantined and safe; two, I feel like I'm getting to interact with so many people, people that I knew and people I didn't know."

Irey wasn't the only one in the Heartland who sang her heart out as we found others from across the Heartland.

The people who sang ranged from young to old and from confident to shy.

"I loved that," Irey said. "That they were getting out of their shell and doing that. I loved it. I had my 5-year-old came in, sat and we did some Elton John together. I did a handful of songs. I couldn't stop!"

She said Quarantine Karaoke was a good way to just relieve some stress and be one with others in a positive way.

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