PPE equipment distributed to Fredericktown police officers

Fredericktown police use new gear to prevent COVID-19 exposure

FREDERICKTOWN, Mo. (KFVS) - The Fredericktown Police Department does not want to alarm residents when officers respond to an emergency.

The officer arriving on the scene will look a little different because of some new safety gear they are wearing.

The new gear is to help to protect officers from coming in contact with COVID-19.

The gear is their new Personal Protection Equipment.

“We have PPEs. Personal Protection Equipment for the officers,” Police Chief Eric Hovis said. "Obviously, you know what’s going on right now with our nation in our country. Basically we have masks that were made. "

A photograph, posted on the department’s Facebook page, shows an officer wearing a medical face shield attached to a helmet. The officer is also wearing what appears to be a large face mask and black disposable gloves.

Don't be alarmed if you see our officers wearing their new Personal Protection Equipment. They're not coming to your...

Posted by Fredericktown Police Department on Wednesday, March 25, 2020

They even joked about their appearance by stating, “They’re not coming to your home to fix your husband’s below par welding job.”

Many in the posted in the comments that the gear was not scary, it just made the officer look much taller.

Chief Hollis said the masks they use are simple breathing masks.

"It’s a mask that will filter out some particles in the air. It’s not going to keep you safe from everything but it’s just an extra layer of security. "

Chief Hollis is thankful for the new gear. Local businesses, like Cap America and others, took the time to sew masks and donate them to the department.

Hollis said it’s a great time to see his community come together in times like this.

In addition to the new gear, Fredericktown Police dispatch is screening all calls that come into the station to help cut back on the risk of officers being put in contagious situations.

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