Southeast Mo. businesses install panels between customers and employees to limit spread of germs

Clear panels installed to protect customers and employees

JACKSON, Mo. (KFVS) - The next time you need to stock up on supplies you may notice a clear panel at the checkout line.

At First Auto Credit in Jackson, you’ll find a clear barrier between you and the employee, keeping everyone safe from spreading germs.

“If you’re one of those customers that wants this divider, but I still need a vehicle we got things in place to be able to service you still,” said General Manager David Likens.

Likens said right now it’s all about how to not spread germs.

“So, if it does help prevent anything transferring and not stopping us from having to do business with our customers, we are obviously willing to go the extra mile between cleaning, creating devices like this,” he said.

Likens said his building is already full of space, but he wanted to create more.

“It limits the exposure cause obviously with faces mask they are saying it isn’t exactly fool proof. So again, to not stop what we do and our service to our customers. It’s based on comfort and space, so we’re basically like 'hey here’s some room, we can still conduct business,” he said.

Likens isn’t the only one with this idea, Walmart and Schnucks are working to create these panels in its stores

Schnucks said in a statement, “Installation of these barriers will be completed in all stores by Monday, March 30.”

Walmart will follow suit in the next couple of weeks.

Likens said once things get back to normal, don’t stop being clean.

“We got a guy that goes around all throughout the day wiping down counters and stuff and it’s probably the way society probably needs to practice some things better,” he said.

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