Tips to improve WiFi while home

Ways to boost your WiFi during outbreak

CARBONDALE, Ill. (KFVS) - If your WIFI is running slow, it may well be from the masses working at home due to COVID-19.

Many people are stuck with whatever speeds their router is running at.

IT Specialist Steve Klump said his programs are running well, but had some tips for those who aren’t as lucky.

“If you don’t need something on your network, don’t leave it on," he said. "Only the things you really need right now because it could overload and then you have nothing.”

Klump believes work should be prioritized and stream what you need to stream. If it’s not important, do not run it. Closing out background applications can also help.

Technology partners employee Tyler Curtis says

“One way to improve your WIFI speed that I have found helpful is buying WIFI extenders," said Tyler Curtis, employee at Technology Partners. “My signal says “Strong,” but I find it lagging from time to time. The WIFI extenders have given me a strong connection all throughout my house with no lagging.”

Curtis also gave another tip that can help others at home.

“Make sure your router is placed up high and free of clutter. Also, check for updates on the modem and router.”

This can help your WIFI speeds stay up to date.

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