Perryville police offer virtual reading

Police offer virtual reading program in Perryville

PERRYVILLE, Mo. (KFVS) - Members of the Perryville Police Department are taking time out of their busy schedules to entertain the public with virtual reading.

The online reading of different books by department staff is their way of entertaining children who are not able to walk into a classroom.

“I decided that we are going to support the schools, and I went to the chief and said, ‘hey, will you read a book for me so i can post it,’” said Jeri Cain, public education officer.

After he did, she posted it and a day later it has almost 5,000 views.

“We want to continue this as a form of public service because here in Perryville, we try to get out in the public as much as we can, react to the public, and have a good report with them,” she went on to say.

Cain hoped the virtual reading program will continue through the summer.

You can watch the videos by the Perryville Police Department on their facebook page

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