Amazon cracks down on price gouging

SEATTLE (KOMO/CNN) -The online retail giant Amazon has now suspended thousands of accounts due to price gouging.

"Everything is just ridiculously priced,” Susie Nott said. She frequently shops on Amazon for groceries and other items, but recently she claims the prices haven’t been the same.

For example, she was shopping for Cheerios and saw most of the boxes were sold out.

"Everything said unavailable, not available, out of stock, and then I saw a two-box set and looked at it and it was $70.14 dollars for the two boxes,” Nott said.

She’s not alone.

Multiple people have been taking to social media, claiming they’ve seen prices skyrocket.

It’s why Amazon is suspending nearly 4,000 accounts for allegedly price gouging customers out of things like cereal and Emergen-C powder.

"You get used to buying your regular cleaning supplies and household supplies, and things are twice to 3 times the price,” Nott said.

Earlier this week, Amazon posted to their company blog stating they are "making clear to all of our sellers our longstanding policies that ensure fair pricing.”

The company stated they are monitoring their stores and “aggressively removing bad actors and offers.” Amazon also said they are working with agencies in order to hold price gougers accountable.

Nott hopes Amazon will continue to stock up on goods and get rid of people taking advantage of the pandemic.

"They need to go away because that’s just not right,” she said.

Earlier this month, Amazon said it pulled more than 1 million products for price gouging or falsely advertising effectiveness against the coronavirus.

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