Paducah distillery makes hand sanitizer from their alcohol for community use

Free hand sanitizer for the community at a local distillery in Paducah, KY.

Paducah, Ky. distillery make hand sanitizer

PADUCAH, Ky. (KFVS) - Silent Brigade Distillery, in the heart of downtown Paducah, is offering a solution to the hand sanitizer shortage throughout the nation due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

The distillery and bar is making their own sanitizer using their 100-proof alcohol and giving it away to the local community for free.

Lead Bartender Arianna Mundy said they are very serious about their efforts.

"We are trying to make sure that our community is as safe as we can make it,” she said.

On Tuesday, before the distillery opened, there was a line of people waiting to come in and get one of the products.

Brenda Young, 79, is a nurse for a private home. On Tuesday, she pulled up in front of the location around noon only to find a sign on the door that read, “Sorry. Out of sanitizer.”

“Rather than coming right then, I waited and it was too late," Young said.

Like Young, many Americans across the nation are on the hunt for disinfectant.

“It’s impossible. I’ve been to several different places trying to find it,” she said.

That’s the reason Silent Brigade is stepping up - to help out local people like Young.

“We are doing one per person, or if you are a first responder and you have proof of that, then we will do two,” Mundy said. “These are the people who have kept us in business the past five years, we want to make sure they have what they need in the time of crisis.”

Mundy explained in order to make the hand sanitizer, all you need is the 100-proof alcohol, which consists of corn, sugar, water, yeast. In addition, the aloe vera and xanathan gum, and then mix it together for a homemade sanitizer.

“We’re happy that we can help," Mundy said. "We are happy to be able to provide this service for our community.”

Young said she’s hoping to use this sanitizer to protect more than just herself.

“[We have] to do everything we can to prevent it from happening to those we care about and to our neighbors and to ourselves,” Young said.

In a Facebook post on Tuesday, the distillery let the public know it ran out of hand sanitizer.

However, because of the high-demand, Silent Brigade is rushing their production, and they will have another batch ready before the end of the week.

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