3/18/20 - Coronavirus

Updated: Mar. 19, 2020 at 2:01 PM CDT
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Coronavirus stories are everywhere. And we have our share of those on-air and online. Our approach to this coverage is one based on facts not fear. It is also a simple one. We are trying to give you the information you seem to be overwhelmingly interested in. Why, because we are interested also. I think panic makes everything worse, and nothing better. It can drive a society to make life harder, hoarding toilet paper, overwhelming a health care system, crushing an economy. Almost nothing good comes from panic.

But this new virus has some real risks associated with it, particularly for the older generation. Sharing information about preventative measures, where the greatest risks lie, and what’s going on in our community and our world can help you make your own decisions. It may also help you avoid contracting the virus.

I can tell you at KFVS12, we are all being more vigilant. Washing our hands, cutting down on large meetings, and overall sanitation. Like most companies, we are taking every step possible to protect our employees and plan for worst case scenarios. Because we know you count on us to do our jobs. And more than ever, to do them calmly and professionally.

We also count on you. We need nurses and doctors to go to work and care for our sick. We need police officers and firefighters to protect our community. We need truck drivers, restaurant workers, garbage men and women and daycare workers. In the past some of us felt that meant we should go to work even if we were sick. I’m guilty of that. But it was never a good idea, and now more than ever that attitude needs to change. If you are sick stay home. Call the doctor’s office before you go sit in the clinic next to other sick people.

And finally, we’ve all been seeing the social media posts about coronavirus. Some will turn out true, some will not. KFVS12 is not in the rumor business so we are not going to pass those along. We will check and verify any information to the best of our ability before we publish it on-air or online. And our top priority is answering the questions you have. Thank you for continuing to rely on us to do our jobs and bring you reliable, accurate, and relevant information. Working together without panicking, taking this situation seriously and everyone doing their part makes this a better heartland.

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