Perryville business wants to ease concern for COVID-19

Published: Mar. 10, 2020 at 10:19 PM CDT
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PERRYVILLE, Mo. (KFVS) - A hair stylist in Perryville is wanting to ease concerns for her current and future clients.

Jus Teasin Owner Amy Blyzes said she has roughly 50 to 60 clients a week and always has their best interest at heart.

She said it's their protocol to clean all their instruments and items they use between client visits, including routine cleaning of the entire store on a daily basis.

Blyzes also said they also have extra measures in place to make clients feel comfortable including hand sanitizer for customers to use at their convenience.

She wants them to know her business will be as germ free as sanitized to make sure they are as healthy going out of the door as they do when they enter.

"Clients can keep coming back knowing that our facility is clean and sanitized and they feel safe," Blyzes said. "They don't have to feel like when they come in here that they might get something and go out and get sick and spread it to somebody else."

Blyzes said while she prepares her store to be as clean as possible, she urges anyone that comes through her doors to make sure they are responsible to limit the spread of an illness as well

"So they don't bring germs and get me sick or any of my other stylists," Blyzes said. "Then we would have to cancel and have to reschedule all of our clients. So it's just not a good work ethic to come in here when you're sick."

Blyzes encouraged those that are needing haircuts or that do have appointments and are feeling under the weather to call and reschedule for another time.

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