Significance of Illinois’ primary before March 17

Midwestern’s state impact on Democratic Presidential Primary

What to expect in the Ill. primary

CARBONDALE, Ill. (KFVS) - While Missouri is an important state in Tuesday’s primary, Illinois is also a significant state in March 17 Democratic primary.

John Jackson with the Paul Simon Public Policy Institute said this is a pivotal time period for both Democratic presidential candidates. He said the Midwest matters.

“The Midwestern states are absolutely essential for the democrats to win in November," he said.

On Tuesday, Idaho, Michigan, Missouri, Mississippi and Washington residents went to the polls.

The state of Illinois has 155 pledged delegates, more than most other Midwestern states.

“Illinois will be important next week," Jackson said. ”And it could be coupled with Ohio, another big Midwestern state going next week. And those two will go a long way towards determining who comes out of this week and next week with a lead in the delegate count."

Right now Joe Biden has almost a 100-delegate lead. He has 664 pledged delegates. Bernie Sanders, with 573 pledged delegates, will rely on the Midwest to catch up.

“It’s a long shot for [Sanders] in Illinois," Jackson said. "Illinois is state historically in democratic primaries that’s voted for the more moderate candidates, more mainstream, more party organizational kinds of candidates.”

Jackson hopes to make more sense of the race in the coming weeks.

“I hope that we will come out of the next two with greater clarity with some sense where the race is going,” he said.

The Illinois Democratic primary is March 17.

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