CVS Pharmacy signs agreement to operate Schnucks pharmacies

Updated: Mar. 10, 2020 at 10:52 AM CDT
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(KFVS) - On Tuesday, March 10 CVS Pharmacy, Inc. and Schnucks announced that they have signed an agreement allowing CVS and certain subsidiaries to take over Schnuck Markets Inc.'s retail and specialty pharmacy businesses.

CVS Pharmacy is a subsidiary of CVS Health Corporation.

According to a spokesperson with Schnucks, under the agreement CVS Pharmacy and its subsidiaries will take over pharmacies in all 110 Schnucks stores but will only operate 99 of them. They will be re-branded under CVS Pharmacy.

Prescription files from the other 11 pharmacies will be transferred to nearby CVS Pharmacy locations.

Schnucks employees will be able to interview for pharmacist and pharmacy technician positions.

Changes to stores will happen over several months after transactions are completed.

A Schnucks spokesperson said CVS Pharmacy and Schnucks are working toward a smooth transition for all pharmacy patients.

Click here more information from Schnucks on the agreement and what it means for patients.

Specialty pharmacy patients with Schnucks will benefit from CVS Specialty’s disease education, counseling and benefits verification. They will also be able to take advantage of coordination of care with multiple health care providers, comprehensive patient education and adherence management.

As the transaction comes to completion, Schnucks pharmacy customers will have access to CVS Pharmacy’s care programs.

The programs include the following:

  • Opportunities to manage health with more ease and efficiency and gain access to programs that help patients start and stay on their prescriptions while reducing overall health care costs.
  • With the CVS Pharmacy app, patients can be notified when prescriptions are ready for pick-up and order refills digitally.
  • Simplification of medication management for patients with multiple prescriptions, through the utilization of the CVS Pharmacy ScriptPath Prescription Schedule, a tool that provides a complete picture of the patient’s current CVS Pharmacy prescription information all in one place, including the name of each medication, when to take it, and how much medication to take in each dose.

The transaction is expected to be completed by end of the second quarter.

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