Customer speaks out about Taylor Tots experience

Taylor Tots and the BBB

CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. (KFVS) - The Better Business Bureau issued a consumer warning for a local online boutique.

The online boutique, called Taylor Tots, got on the BBB’s radar after receiving dozens of complaints. While the operator said she will address every complaint, customers still have questions.

“It’s not only been in Missouri. We’ve had nine other states complain about this business," said Whitney Quick, regional director at BBB.

Quick put out a consumer warning about Taylor Tots, an online boutique that primarily sold children’s clothing imported from China.

“A lot of the complaints were that people weren’t receiving the items that they were purchased, that they weren’t getting refunds for the items that they purchased that they never got,” she said.

Taylor Tots customer Heide Boese said she experienced this first hand when she ordered one year ago.

“February is when I ordered the most and it takes a while to get the stuff because it was over in China and I expected that,” said Boese.

She ordered eight items and only received two. She said boutique operator Jennifer Taylor said her order was in the mail.

“I even asked her, ‘When can I come up there and talk to you about this in person. I said have all my stuff and I said even have the USPS on my phone where I can see what’s coming in, the tracking receipt. I have all of them. And I said I wanna know if it’s on your end or the post office,'” said Boese.

But Boese said she hasn’t heard from Taylor since September 2019.

Quick calls blocking communications with customers a bad business practice, and part of the reason why they issued the warning.

Boese said a year later it still bothers her.

“Still extremely aggravated. I don’t think she did it on purpose. I don’t. I don’t think she’s a bad person. I just feel like it got out of hand and she didn’t know how to fix it all, but she handled it very wrong,” she said.

Taylor’s Attorney John Beaton, said Taylor Tots is out of business and losses from federal tariffs are to blame. Beaton went on to say, “every effort has been made to assure that customers whose orders were not filled are either satisfied or repaid.”

Quick urged consumers to be careful when ordering from a business they can only find online.

“If you’ve never used an online boutique before, make sure that you look it up, look up any reviews that they offer. You can go to our website, and that’s where we actually have tons of complaints for this business,” said Quick.

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