Possible budget cuts to “Stars and Stripes” newspaper

Funding cuts to Stars and Stripes newspaper

CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. (KFVS) - The Defense Department plans to cut back funding for the military newspaper Stars and Stripes.

“We have essentially decided coming into the modern age that newspaper is probably not the best way we communicate any longer,"said Pentagon Comptroller, Elaine Mccusker.

Army veteran Shannon Grant said the Stars and Stripes newspaper means a lot to people who serve for this country.

“It makes me really sad,” Grant said. “I don’t think that people realize that Stars and Stripes newspaper is the only newspaper that the soldiers on the front line get to read,”

Jim Martin with the National Stars and Stripes Museum in Bloomfield, Mo. said they are asking to cut 35 percent of the paper’s budget.

"The thinking is on some peoples part the purpose of the budget cuts is well everything can be done electronically," he explained.

Some veterans are devastated to hear the news.

James Walton said, “I couldn't imagine somebody putting a smart phone on the wall here and having the same impact as these documents do."

Jerry Elder stated, “It’s important to me, my sons, and now my grandsons and it’s a morale booster all the way around."

They all tell me the Stars and Stripes is more than just a paper to them it’s a lifeline back to world when your far away from home.

Grant said, "I read it every chance that I got."

Walton described parts of the newspaper. “Top of this one has the college sports scores down at the bottom it talks about different election things."

"We would clip those clippings out and send them home in letters," Elder said.

The notable paper was founded in Bloomfield. Laura Meyer said this could potentially impact them.

“Down the road, if we didn’t have a Stars and Stripes then they would forget about the Stars and Stripes Museum,” Meyer said.

Walton said, "I am hoping people will call their congressman."

The proposal must be approved by congress through the budget process before the cuts become final.

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