Heartland salon has “odd” items stolen from business

Heartland salon has “odd” items stolen from business

FREDRICKTOWN, Mo. (KFVS) - The person that allegedly broke into a restaurant and salon seemed more interested in mischief than a big score.

“They took really odd things,” said Elizabeth Grill, Cosmetologist at Golden Scissors Salon.

Grill is talking about what one person stole out of Golden Scissors Salon.

“They took multiple things of bleach, clippers. The odd things that they took was like our toilet paper our trash bags, any kind of candy, food or snack that we had. They took all of that. They randomly unplugged things and miss placed things,” said Grill.

She said the culprit didn’t take anything too expensive, just personal items she and her coworkers worked hard for.

“You feel defeated because over the years you’ve upgraded your equipment and stuff and you have insurance, but sometimes your deductibles are too high so you’re just going to have to purchase it all over again,” said Grill.

She said while the police were grabbing evidence, they received a called that the Mexican restaurant next door was also robbed.

“With the security footage of the Mexican restaurant next door, along with the owner Rey recognizing a vehicle he actually saw leaving here that evening, the police officers and Rey were able to figure out who was the break in,” said Grill.

She said even though the items were small, she is thankful for the people who helped.

"Through going through this experience everyone bands together and works together,” said Grill.

Grill said most items were returned to her and her co-workers on Monday. The suspect has been arrested.

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