Alexander County residents dread another day of rain

Flood prone areas react to the rain

EAST CAPE GIRARDEAU, Il. (KFVS) - Anxiety, fear, even the sound of rain brings back bad memories for people who live in Alexander County.

“The rain is never good at this point,” said Evan Webb, a lifelong McClure resident. “Every day when I come to work it’s like oh man that ditch still has water in it, or that field that was flooded six months ago up to the road is starting to hold water again.”

Those sights get him thinking.

“Well there’s always that looming question of are we heading right back where we came from so to speak. The amount of rain that we continued to get this winter and since the past six months, none of the ground has had time to dry out, which is not easy on the mind,” said Webb.

“In the back of your mind you think oh my god are we doing this again,” said Jason Tubbs, Village of East Cape Girardeau Trustee.

According to Tubbs, it’s not only a question about this year’s flood, but they’re still recovering from last year’s devastation. He said 25 people moved away from East Cape Girardeau after the high waters left their damage.

“You just see people that you grew up with around and just seeing their mindset change about continuing to be a part of the community that they’ve always been a part of," said Webb

For Tubbs, he’s not giving up with the place he calls home.

“Everybody says well why don’t you all just leave? People don’t just leave their homes. I mean that’s what we do as people, as a civilization. You make your home and you fight for it," said Tubbs.

But mother nature continues to fight back.

“There’s that little seed in your head that says but this could happen. Are you making moves in your life to prepare for the next event," said Webb.

According to Tubbs, the village will keep sandbags around for eight more weeks in case the floodwaters come back again.

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