New violence prevention effort in Sikeston, Mo.

Sikeston Gun Violence Initiative

SIKESTON, Mo. (KFVS) - There's a growing effort in Sikeston to combat the issue of gun violence.

A man today is heading up a new violence prevention effort, and he said he’s not the only one saying enough is enough.

It's been less than a year since Laurie Mitchell heard the shots that killed her 24-year-old son Marcus.

“I heard the shots and I grabbed my grandson and hit the floor,” she said.

It happened just down the street from her Sikeston home.

“As I was coming up the street, I noticed my son’s shoes, he had red Jordan’s on and they reflected I knew that it was my son then,” she said.

Now she visits her son’s memorial every day.

“Me finding him right here at this spot, that was enough,” she said.

Stories like this inspired Deandre Abbage to start a new movement. The new organization is called “Fist Up Guns Down.”

“We got to end this! We got to stop this, 'cause it’s not a good feeling losing people that’s close to you,” he said.

Abbage wants to raise awareness in Sikeston, Cape Girardeau and Charleston.

“I want to be that role model to let them know you don’t have to run to the streets to get in involved with anything. You can get involved by doing positive things,” he said.

He won’t be doing it alone because Mitchell said she plans to join him.

“You got this! We’re going to do this! It’s a bomb exploding waiting to happen,” she expressed.

Abbage is planning an event for later this summer. For more information on how to get involved you can check out Abbage’s page at Dre Masta’s Community Youth Events page on Facebook.

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