Union City 4th grade class sends Valentine’s Day cards to WWII Vet

Union City 4th grade class sends Valentine’s Day cards to WWII Vet
UCES Valentines Cards for WW II Vet (Source: UCES)

UNION CITY, Tenn. (KFVS) - The fourth grade class at Union City Elementary School is “sharing the love” this Valentine’s day.

They have started on a project to send Valentine’s Day cards to 104-year-old World War II veteran Bill White of Stockton, Calif.

UCES Valentines Cards for WW II Vet
UCES Valentines Cards for WW II Vet (Source: UCES)

White, who is a U.S. Marine Corps major, was in Iwo Jima when soldiers raised the U.S. flag over Mt. Surabachi.

The battle between the U.S. Marines and Imperial Army of Japan lasted five weeks. Nearly 7,000 American Marines and more than 20,000 Japanese fighters died in the battle.

During that WWII victory, White was wounded by a grenade that detonated just a inches from him. He was later awarded the Purple Heart.

White spent 30 years on active duty, he was taken off the battlefield as a result of his injuries.

White said he’s had a lifetime full of unforgettable experiences and has collected objects and filled scrapbooks to remind him of special memories. He keeps collectibles on a bookshelf organized by year.

Now, the young-spirited veteran wants to expand his collection of memories and has asked the public to help by sending him a card this Valentine's Day.

The Union City fourth grade class was thrilled to oblige, said fourth-grade teacher Ashleigh Roberson.

“The kids loved this little project,” she claimed. “Before the video that we showed them was even over, they are already asking if we were going to be able to send him Valentine cards.

“In CKLA, we are starting a unit on the Revolutionary War soon, and we just felt that this project drove home the fact that our freedom isn’t free. Many have paid the ultimate price throughout past generations to ensure that we can enjoy the liberties that we enjoy today."

White said in a recent interview that he’ll save each card and they’ll be a personal part of history. He went on to say that his love for scrap-booking keeps him busy and allows him to keep track of his life’s special events.

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