Heartland schools keeping sickness out of building

Preventing sickness in schools

CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. (KFVS) - With so many schools closed because of sick kids, other schools are doing everything possible to keep students healthy.

“I make sure every morning to go around to every surface and spray down to disinfectant and go to every locker, make sure to get every handles door knobs, try to get everything that is surface level that way there’s not as many germs on the area,” said Jared Murray, Saxony Lutheran custodian.

Murray said students are in and out of the classroom every day and keeping the kids germ free is his goal.

“You know if you don’t hit those areas more than likely somebody’s going to get sick,” he said.

Principal Mark Ruark said luckily this year his school hasn’t been hit too hard. Once 20 percent of students are out sick, he will call classes.

“We were down about 90 percent last week, but we’ve been pretty decent,” he said.

On the other side of the highway at Jefferson elementary, Nurse Madison Williams said it all starts with teaching.

“The big thing in elementary is just not sharing cause they want to share everything. Not touching each other and touching their mouths and touching each other.” she said.

Williams said she wants parents to know they are doing what they can at school, but it’s important you do the same.

“It’s also important that the parents know that they need to be teaching that hand hygiene at home and disinfecting their kids’ stuff. Maybe even simple things like take the coats off and take the shoes off at the door so they don’t bring school germs into the house,” she said.

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