Jackson Middle School recognized as Common Sense School

Jackson Middle School recognized as Common Sense School

JACKSON, Mo. (KFVS) - The Jackson Middle School has been recognized as a Common Sense School from a national organization called ‘National Sense Education’.

The Jackson School District is preparing students to take responsibility when using online technology in their everyday life.

Jackson Middle School has been using Common Sense Education’s innovative and research-based digital citizenship resources which have taught them various skills related to internet safety, protecting online reputations, privacy and more.

"We're doing all this work and doing all these things with our students and I feel the recognition is huge," Jackson Middle School Library Media Specialist Jenn Miller said.

Miller said they teach the children that what they put online, stays online. They want their digital footprint to remain positive.

"We can't hide the internet from them, it's part of their everyday life," Miller said. "So we want them to know, if you are on the internet and this happens, how can you deal with it. You need to talk to an adult and you need to do these things. So Common Sense Media provides all of that for us to teach it, so we just have to get that message across."

Several years ago the district went through a long-range strategic planning process. They decided then that all students were to have access to technology.

"We ensured every student had a digital device that the school provided," Jackson Middle School Principal Janelle Pope said. "Along with that, we felt it was also necessary to make sure every student was engaged in learning digital literacy; how to be good citizens online, how to keep them safe online and how to be kind online."

Students said it’s important for their future to understand how important good ethics are online.

“Whenever you get a job in the future, they can look back at that and see, ‘Oh this person did this.’ If it isn’t very good, they might not let you have that job,” Fifth grade student Jax Pope said.

Miller said the program has worked very well for the students. She said they have been so engaged to where they are helping their classmates through the digital smart segment of their student-led Indian Insider program.

"We make videos about tips with some of the adults around the school about what their opinion is and tips about how we can be kind online," Sixth grade student Carissa Brown said. "We also make videos with fun characters and funny videos."

Miller said it's also a great resource for parents as well.

"We can send that to our parents, they can check the ratings on apps, on movies, website," Miller said. "Parents can access it a different way than we can and then we can connect our families with that resource."

For more information on Common Sense education, go to their website here.

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