Long-time KC Chiefs fans witness 2nd Super Bowl victory

Published: Feb. 3, 2020 at 7:23 PM CST
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CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. (KFVS) - The journey to a second Super Bowl Championship title has been decades in the making for the Kansas City Chiefs.

Some die-hard fans in the Heartland are calling it an “unbelievable” dream come true after seeing their team lift the last Super Bowl trophy on a black and white TV.

Dr. Joel Rhodes is a professor at Southeast Missouri State University, but grew up in Pittsburgh, Kansas.

“Both of my grandparents in Kansas City were die hard Chiefs fans. My aunt and uncle likewise and my dad, so we came by it naturally in our house," said Rhodes.

Rhoads was three years old and wore a red helmet and pads when the Chiefs won Super Bowl IV, 50 years ago.

“Probably the enduring memory is I just assumed this would always be the case. That the Chiefs would always be in the Super Bowl and that is not what happened," said Rhodes. “My first thoughts last night as it was clear we were going to win Super Bowl LIV, it was the heartbreaking moments. I went back to that 1995 freezing cold Colts playoff loss. It just made everything so worthwhile.”

After decades of coming up just short the Chiefs finally made it back to the biggest game of the year and won it all.

“I didn’t cry during the first Superbowl," said Rhodes. “There was the same jumping around. You know it really stuck me as much excitement as I had. I feel like Patrick Mahomes, but I kind of look like Andy Reid, so that is something I’ve got to make my peace with.”

77-year-old Trena Novak is calling it “mind boggling” to have personally watched the Chiefs win two Super Bowls 50 years apart.

“I was doing this ‘Yes, yes, yes! and hoping not to disturb my neighbors,’” said Novak.

Novak already has a Super Bowl Champions hat and plans to wear it often.

“Oh this feels terrific. It will always remind me of that game," said Novak "I’d just say stick with the Chiefs. You’re going to see a lot more fun guns and probably a lot more wins as well.”

Rhodes is dedicating the victory to other Chiefs Fans in his family who have passed away.

“This one is for them," he said. "They didn’t get a chance to see this but, there is that community feel there is that family feel that binds us all together. you know it wasn’t Patrick did this, or it wasn’t the Chiefs. We did this. We won the Superbowl.”

Rhodes birthday is a few weeks away and thinks a lot of his family and friends will be getting him Chiefs Super Bowl gear.

A lot of stuff is already selling online, and local Cape stores like Pro Image Sports will start selling Super Bowl Championship hats, shirts and hoodies on Tuesday Feb. 4.

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