Wyatt the dog adjusting to his forever home and new family

Wyatt the dog adjusting to his forever home and new family

HERRIN, Ill. (KFVS) - A wounded Heartland dog continues his road to recovery at his new home. Wyatt, the dog who needed surgery to remove a rubber band from his snout, is also helping his new owner recover from wounds of his own.

Rodney Jarvis, of Herrin, officially adopted Wyatt from St. Francis CARE Animal Shelter on January 25, 2020.

Jarvis said, “Now he has nothing to worry about. He is going to be loved, taken care of, spoiled like I said.”

Wyatt now lives with Jarvis in his Herrin home. Wyatt has his own special ottoman, right next to Jarvis individual sofa where they bond.

Jarvis works in Marion, so he’s able to stop home on his lunch break to feed and play with Wyatt. “When I come home from work, he is just jumping, barking and carrying on you know, he is just so happy to see me.”

Wyatt is so happy, that he does not like Jarvis to leave the house. “I came home, fed him, turned around and I went to my nephew’s ball game. Oh he didn’t like that...Oh no, no. 'Daddy stays home’ late at night,” Jarvis said.

While Wyatt heals, he’s helping Jarvis heal, too. Last year, Jarvis lost who he calls “his best friend” - his pet dog of 14 years named Petey.

“He’s never going to replace Petey, never. But he has filled up the other side of my heart, and he’s filled in that broken heart because I know Petey is like ‘Dad you did good, you saved this little guy’,” Jarvis cried.

He and Wyatt are thankful for the support of his family, friends, and the community. “Southern Illinois sometimes gets a bad rap for being not very generous. That’s not true, there are some great people out there. Right?," Jarvis rhetorically questioned Wyatt and he kissed him.

Jarvis said they are working on a Wyatt Meet & Greet for the community in the coming weeks.

For more information about Wyatt’s journey click here.

Last week, Jackson County State’s Attorney Michael Carr announced he would not seek charges in the case - he could not prove Wyatt’s previous owners acted criminal to hurt the dog. See his full response by clicking here.

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