Results: Cape Girardeau’s Ward 3 council primary election

Results: Cape Girardeau’s Ward 3 council primary election

CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. (KFVS) - Voters of Cape Girardeau’s Ward 3 council primary have chosen Nathan Thomas and Renita Green to be on the April ballot.

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Overall winner Nathan Thomas has released a statement on Feb. 4.

I am completely humbled by the support I have received. My family and I are proud Cape Girardeau residents, and earnestly support positive efforts happening in Ward 3 and the community as a whole. People have asked why I am doing this. The answer - I don’t have an axe to grind; this is something I truly want to do. I have local, state and federal experience in planning, public policy, budgeting and community relations. I look at all issues, all opportunities and all concerns with an open mind. I am here to represent everyone in Ward 3. This experience, coupled with having kids in Cape Public Schools, owning a business and commercial property in Ward 3, and serving several nonprofit organizations, helps me approach my current City Council responsibilities from a very diverse lens. I welcome every opportunity to talk with anyone who wants to express ideas, concerns, opportunities and more in regards to quality of life and prosperity in Ward 3 and Cape Girardeau at large. When we all move together bringing our unique perspectives toward the greater good, the results of our efforts are inevitably more impactful and relevant. It is humbling to serve this community. I am privileged to have met so many amazing individuals during these campaign efforts and in my short tenure as Ward 3 City Councilman. Cape Girardeau residents – we have so much to learn from each other. I am committed to listening to all voices and evaluating all outcomes before making decisions. And with the continued support, we will increase momentum to ensure I am able to continue serving Ward 3 as your City Councilman. It is my sincere honor and privilege,” said Thomas.

The Ward 3 city council primary election was on Tuesday, February 4.

Candidates include Renita Green, Nate Thomas (incumbent) and Bradley J. Tuschhoff.

The top two candidates were chosen to be on the April General Election ballot.

Only voters in Ward 3 of Cape Girardeau will have a ballot to vote on for the Feb. 4 primary election.

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