Businesses prepared for Super Bowl Sunday

Businesses prepared for Super Bowl Sunday

CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. (KFVS) - Super Bowl Sunday is more than just watching a game. There is plenty of preparing involved to make sure you’re watching the game in a favorable setting.

Companies are preparing for the big game by getting everything ready for a high influx of customers.

Marcos's Pizza in Cape Girardeau also is prepared. They have boxes ready, plenty of wings and many employees as they prepare for the high intake of orders.

"We expect a lot of business today like we always do. We have people on phones at all times, we have people making pizzas on the oven, just ready to go."

Boxes were nearly stacked to the ceiling and many other items were within an arm's reach available to use at a moments notice when they get busy.

“We prepared yesterday and the day before. We would always up our dough projections just to be sure we have enough. Just in case we were extraordinarily busy, if we are more busy than normal, for a Super Bowl, we made sure we have enough.”

Marcos said they plan to sell hundreds of wings and a lot of large cheese pizzas before the night is over.

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