High school female football player inspired by coach in Super Bowl 2020

Female coach in Superbowl inspires Cape Girardeau student

CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. (KFVS) - This year is the first time a female will coach in the Super Bowl.

One Heartland high school student said she follows women in the NFL.

Tambria Wilson is a sophomore offensive guard on Cape Central High School’s football team.

She wrote a paper about female coaches in the NFL, including Katie Sowers. Sowers will be on the sidelines this Sunday with the 49ers.

Wilson said it’s a good motivator to see Sowers coach in the Super Bowl.

“Makes me keep going cause sometimes it gets discouraging with certain people saying like oh well you’re a girl blah blah blah, cause I’m in high school you know, like it’s gonna end eventually. But then you see people like her and other coaches who are in the league and it’s like oh, I can keep going. It’s fine," said Wilson.

Wilson’s goal is to play football in college and see where her career in sports goes from there.

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