6 arrested in multi-county theft investigation in Ky.

6 arrested in multi-county theft investigation in Ky.
Six people were arrested in Graves and Livingston Counties during a theft investigation. (Source: Graves and Livingston County Sheriff's Departments)

WESTERN KENTUCKY (KFVS) - Deputies in several areas of western Kentucky were involved in a muti-county theft investigation that led to the arrests of six people.

William “Will” Burgie, 22 of Graves County, was arrested on burglary, criminal trespassing and methamphetamine charges.

These charges are after a theft of property from a home on Wadesboro Road in Graves County in December of 2019.

Kelsie Dawson, 19 of Graves County, was arrested on a theft warrant as well as a charge for possession of methamphetamine.

Joshua F. Armbruster, 36 of Grand Rivers, was arrested on charges of trafficking in methamphetamine, possession of a firearm by a convicted felon and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Vickie J. Sumner, 49 of Grand Rivers, was arrested on a methamphetamine charge.

Grady R. P’Poole, 46 of Hopkinsville, was arrested on a Livingston County Warrant.

Anthony L. Driver, 56 of Mayfield, was arrested on charges of possession of methamphetamine and possession of drug paraphernalia.

In December 2019 several property thefts were reported in Graves County. Most were in or around Sysmonia and Clear Springs.

Two theft suspects were identified with photo evidence from surveillance cameras, deputies said.

They were identified as William Burgie and Kelsie Dawson. Deputies said the suspects were made aware of active warrants for their arrests and they fled the county.

During this time, Burgie and Dawson would periodically return to Graves County at night to continue being involved in area thefts.

Graves County officials said deputies received information about a rural area of Livingston County where the two suspects were said to be hiding out in a camper.

That afternoon, officials from Graves, Livingston and Marshall Counties met and went to the rural area where they set up surveillance on Colin Road.

Around 4 p.m. deputies found and arrested Burgie and Dawson after a short chase in the woods.

Items that were believed to be stolen from Graves County were found in and around the camper along with methamphetamine and drug paraphernalia. Deputies said the vehicle used to commit the thefts was found about 100 years off the road.

During the late night hours of Tuesday Jan. 28, Graves Sheriffs deputies said they went to a home on State Route 58 E. near Mayfield as part of this investigation. They found several items of stolen property.

The property included tools, a kerosene heater, chainsaws, ATV’s and other items. Methamphetamine was also seized. The home owner, Anthony Driver, was arrested on drug charges.

Just after midnight on Jan. 29, Livingston County deputies said they helped Kentucky State Police serve a search warrant at another home as part of this investigation.

This home was on Jake Dukes Road in Livingston County.

State police and deputies found and arrested Joshua Armbruster, Grady P’Poole and Vickie Sumner. Methamphetamine, a firearm, drug paraphernalia and a large amount of stolen property were found at the home.

Deputies said later that day officials searched the property to try and find more stolen items and merchandise from open theft cases in their respective jurisdictions. Officials involved in the search included Graves, Marshall, Lyon, Livingston and McCracken County Sheriff’s deputies along with Kentucky State Police.

The investigation revealed that Burgie and Dawson focused on areas of North Eastern Graves County as well as South Eastern McCracken County.

Deputies said they also learned that the home on Jake Dukes Road serves as a “Stolen Property Depot,” or fencing location.

Officials said they expect more arrests and charges as the investigation continues.

They also said if you have property you believe may be stolen, you will not face charges as long as you contact law enforcement immediately and allow the property to be taken by officials.

Most of the property seized was property that was stolen from locations in rural areas, deputies said.

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