Chaffee high school students are making robots in the classroom and now they’ll be showing them off at a state competition

Published: Jan. 28, 2020 at 7:56 PM CST
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CHAFFEE, Mo. (KFVS) -Robots are taking over Chaffee high school students but in a good way. They’re headed to the state competition with a girls team, and for the first time in four years the are boys going too.

Members of the robotics team are pumped!

Team captain Student Maddie Glueck said, “It’s one of the best meets I’ve ever been to it’s a lot of people there and their all from different parts of the state.”

Spencer Schrum said described their robot.

"The arm moves up it'll go straight up and it'll pivot,and it'll move in and out and it has three axis of motion," Schrum said.

Last year the girls team advanced to the world championship. They placed 23rd in the world, and they competed against 300 teams across the world in Houston, Texas. Glueck said this year they are bringing their "A" game.

"One of functions this year is with our arm we kind of went with our own design we have suction cups that grab on too our arm they don't let it go," she said.

The students have been working on these robots since September and they say robots like these take a lot of hands to make.

Teacher Jaron Mcmurry said "We have a lot of students that really wouldn't be hanging out together they come from different areas in the school."

McMurry said the students are very skilled. “We’ve got kids that do the cad engineering and design,we have kids that just want to do the building,”he said.

Glueck said she hopes they can add a trophy to the case. “It’ll be very nice to take home the winning alliance, but we also want to take home the inspire award”

McMurry said they will be leaving on March 6th. The competition will take place in Rolla, Missouri.

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