Oran Fire Protection Dist. places tax levy question on April ballot for new fire station

Oran Fire Station Tax on April ballot

ORAN, Mo. (KFVS) - The Board of Directors for the Oran Fire Protection District authorized a tax levy question (Proposition S) to be placed on the April ballot.

In a Facebook post, the Oran Fire Protection District said the question asking voters to approve an additional 25 cent tax per $100 assessed value for the operations of the district.

Fire Chief James Watkins said as an example, if your home is valued at $100 with the tax, you would pay an extra $50 a year.

It will go toward new medical equipment for firefighters, and a CPR and fire prevention classes for the public, and a Capital Improvement plan.

The post went on to say the original station building is nearly 40 years old and though it has been well maintained over the years by local volunteer firefighters, the building infrastructure is failing.

“We can look up and see where actually one of the trusses is starting to come through,” Watkins said.

Along with the safety of the volunteers, equipment size has changed drastically over the last 40 years and the building is no longer accommodating.

“It’s been 17 years since we ask for a tax increase for the fire district,” he said.

Watkins said they need $123,000, and with their current budget of $76,000 it’s just not enough.

With the passing of this tax levy, all of these issues would be addressed with the construction of a new station at the current site.

“We need to consider giving them what they need in order to operate," Mayor Gary Senciboy said.

“The better the fire department can get, the lower the insurance will get they’ll get a better fire rating,” he explained.

Watkins said if you don’t fix things now it could impact how they help you.

“If the station continues to deteriorate it is a possible it may affect our response time,” he said.

Voters will decide on the tax in April.

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