SIU kicks off Black History Month

SIU kicks off Black History Month
A full list of events can be found on SIU's website. (Source: KFVS)

CARBONDALE, ILL. (KFVS) - Southern Illinois University began their Black History Month commemoration on Feb. 3.

The month hosted a number of activities including, speakers, acrobats, poetry, dance and a diversity luncheon.

The 2020 celebration theme was “African Americans and the Vote”.

Festivities are set to begin with a kickoff fest that was Feb. 3 at 5 p.m. at the Shryock Auditorium. The guest speaker for the event was Jennifer Brobst, who is interim associate dean and associate professor of law at the SIU School of Law.

The Feb. 3 event also hosted performances from dancers and acrobats.

For a full schedule for events one can find all the information here.

All the events are free and open to be public.

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