Hunter Biden facing contempt charge in Arkansas child custody case

Hunter Biden facing contempt charge in Arkansas child custody case
Former Vice President Joe Biden's son, Hunter. (Source: AP Graphics Bank)

BATESVILLE, Ark. (KAIT) - An Arkansas circuit judge Tuesday ordered Hunter Biden to explain why he failed to submit his financial records in a contentious paternity case or face a charge of contempt.

On Jan. 7 in Independence County, Circuit Court Judge Holly Meyer ordered Biden to “comply with all past-due discovery” and submit all of his financial records including past tax returns and a list of companies and properties he owns.

However, lawyers for Roberts stated in court documents filed Tuesday, Jan. 21, that Biden had “failed to provide any additional discovery information.”

In its motion, the Benton-based Lancaster & Lancaster Law Firm stated Biden’s conduct was “willful and contemptuous.”

Upon reviewing the case, Meyer ordered Biden to appear in court on Wednesday, Jan. 29, and show cause as to why he should not be held in contempt.

Biden, who is the son of former Vice President Joe Biden, is being sued for child support.

DNA tests determined with “scientific certainty” that he fathered Roberts’ baby. She and the child, who just turned one last August, live in Independence County.

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