Precautionary boil water advisory lifted for Jackson, Mo.

Precautionary boil water order lifted for Jackson, Mo. residents

JACKSON, Mo. (KFVS) - A precautionary boil water order has been lifted for the City of Jackson as of Friday, Jan. 24.

The order affected all addresses receiving water service from the city with the exception of the subdivisions of Cold Creek Estates, Terrace Park Estates, Nine Oaks, Glendale Unit II and Deerwood.

City officials said the city’s water is safe for consumption without boiling and that residents can freely drink and use the water.

On Jan. 23 city officials said the boil water advisory was strictly precautionary and not mandatory.

On Thursday morning, officials took water samples to check the chlorine level trends. The City said the amount of chlorine in the system increased to approved levels at all test locations.

Bacteria samples were taken and sent to an outside lab for testing.

Earlier in the week, on Tuesday morning, January 21, city officials were first made aware of a low level of chlorine in the city’s water system. They said this low level was caused by a malfunction of a pump that delivers chlorine to the system.

The city said all necessary repairs were made to the equipment that delivers chlorine to the water system. City crews have been taking water samples.

The precautionary boil water order was issued for all addresses receiving water service from the City of Jackson with the exception of the following areas: addresses located west of North High Street (Highway 61) and north of Harmony Lane, including the subdivisions of Cold Creek Estates and Terrace Park Estates; addresses along both east and west Deerwood Drive including Nine Oaks Subdivisions; addresses along Greensferry Road located north of the intersection of Clark Street; addresses within the subdivision of Glendale Subdivision Unit II; addresses within and located north of the Deerwood Subdivision; addresses located on North High Street (Highway 61) located north of Deerwood Drive.

(Source: City of Jackson)
(Source: City of Jackson) (Source: City of Jackson)

Water served to the addresses in this specific area are provided water from a separate source within the city that is unaffected.

According to the city, those who have weakened immune systems, are elderly or have infants were encouraged to use precaution when consuming water directly from the utility.

Fire flows and water pressure were not affected under this precautionary boil water order.

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