Bell City High School helps kids with hygiene supplies

Bell City High School starts hygiene program

BELL CITY, Mo. (KFVS) -A local school has a new idea to save students from embarrassment when trying to practice good hygiene at school.

“It’ll save them from the embarrassment of asking for things that they might need,” said Jessica Cloninger, a counselor at Bell City High School.

The high school will now have a personal care drawer for students to get hygiene items they need.

“A lot of times it’s embarrassing to go to someone in a school and say ‘hey, I need some deodorant,’ or ‘I didn’t have toothpaste, so I couldn’t brush my teeth.’” she said.

They got the idea from a post on Facebook by the Jackson school district.

She believes it will save their students from being scared to ask for things they might not have.

“Our job as a school system is to educate the kids, all the way around from their academic needs to their personal need as well,” said Cloninger.

“I think it’s a great idea,” said Kenyon Wright, the principal at the school.

He remembers being a student and how sometimes student need hygiene items.

“I was student athlete at Bell City myself, so being able to have those things ready and available is wonderful and so just being able to keep those things just in case you forgot them,” he said.

The idea is already getting a thumbs up from the students.

“We’ve already talked to the students about it. They seem very excited about it the part where they get to remain anonymous, and get their needs met in that way. I think it really appeals to them,” she said.

If you would like to donate toiletry items to school, you can drop them off at Bell City High school.

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