Cape Central High School creates club to encourage student to become teachers

Cape Central High School creates club to encourage student to become teachers

CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. (KFVS) - A classroom packed with students eager to learn how they can become the next educators; they’re part of a new club at Cape Central High School aimed at tapping into their teaching potential.

“I feel like I can connect with kids and I really want to try this out,” said Henry Brown, junior.

Students now, possibly teachers a few years from now? These Cape Centrel High Schoolers make up the new Rising Educators Club.

“There is a critical shortage across the country for quality educators and this club actually will allow our kids to have positive pathways to the field of education,” said Dr. Howard Benyon, Secondary Deputy Superintendent.

Sophomore Sydney Newman said she joined because it’s a passion she wants to put to the test.

“I hope I just get pointed in the right direction. I hope I really like found out if I want to teach and just to decide which and how I want to teach the kids,” said Newman.

In the Rising Educators Club students get the chance to help teach their own students - with a paid summer internship at Cape Public Schools.

“Kids are going to have opportunities to actually work with the teachers, be mentored by the teachers and actually work directly with students and see what the profession is all about,” said Benyon.

Junior Shalom Kamau wants to spend her summer in the classroom.

“I’m looking forward to actually like getting to know like if maybe teaching is the right path and also getting to connect with other educators,” she said.

They may just be students now, but these high schoolers may see their futures standing right in front of them.

The Rising Educators Club got its start thought a grant. This allows the school to provide paid internships and other activities for the students.

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