NWS confirms tornado damage in parts of Mo., Ill. and Ky.

NWS preliminary report shows tornado damage in Jackson, Mo. and near Ware, Ill.

(KFVS) - The National Weather Service officials have confirmed they found tornado damage in areas of Missouri, Kentucky and Illinois.

Damage teams surveyed several areas on Monday, Jan. 13 following a large storm early Saturday morning. The NWS sent two storm survey teams to Cape Girardeau and Bollinger Counties.

Their reports as of 5:50 p.m. were announced in a Facebook post.

[5:50 PM Monday, Jan 13] Our storm damage teams have been busy surveying damage from around there area. Here is a...

Posted by US National Weather Service Paducah Kentucky on Monday, January 13, 2020

Weather service officials confirmed that early Saturday an EF1 tornado briefly touched down near Patton, Missouri.

This was along Hwy. 72. It traveled a short distance causing damage to the roof of a home with a workshop attached to it.

No injuries were reported.

According to the report, EF2 tornado hit several businesses in Jackson on Saturday near I-55.

It traveled about 10 miles on a northeast path to Trail of Tears State Park and the Mississippi River.

According to the NWS report, the tornado was the strongest at the Jackson businesses with wind speeds up to 125 miles per hour. It carried debris like insulation and lightweight concrete for hundreds of feet across the highway.

The NWS updated information on severe weather in Kentucky from Saturday.

They said an EF1 tornado with winds reaching 80 mph was likely responsible for damage near the 641 Exit along I-69 in Marshall County.

The tornado brought down trees and tipped a roof from a barn.

The tornado traveled along a route of about 2.3 miles at 5:42 a.m.

NWS officials also said straight line winds were likely responsible for other damage caused by the storm in the area.

A carport was blown into a neighbor’s yard and shingles were blown from rooftops Near Briensburg Tatumsville Road in Tatumsville. That damage was likely from thunderstorm winds.

Walmart was closed for a time on Saturday after a partial roof collapse. The NWS cites thunderstorm winds as the likely cause of that damage.

Drone video of storm damage from Jackson Mo.

At least three businesses on Birk Ln. in Jackson, Mo. were damaged and at least one business was destroyed. No one was hurt.

Most of the building material on the interstate came from Crader Tire Company. Owner Bob Crader was shocked by the storm’s strength.

“The whole walls just disintegrated and were thrown everywhere. It’s just amazing to me how it could happen,” Crader said. “I think the block building is going to be a total loss because the roof is gone. The doors are all gone. The offices are all gone because it rained for four or five hours after so everything inside got completely wet.”

Pat Spoden with the National Weather Service in Paducah said the wind speeds were at or just under 100 miles per hour along the rest of the tornadoes path. That amount of force toppled trees and destroyed barns and other small farm structures around Egypt Mills.

Spoden added no one got hurt in the NWS Paducah service area during any of the tornadoes or flash flooding.

“We’re just thankful as debris moved across the interstate that nobody got hit, no accidents. We’re thankful no one got hurt. Early in the morning versus 3 o’ clock in the afternoon on a Friday it would be a lot different. We’re fortunate on that end, but this time of year tornadoes can occur at any time day or night,” Pat Spoden, with the National Weather Service in Paducah, said.

Police were stationed near the damaged building to deter thieves as the businesses salvage their inventory and move forward.

Brian Hill is the manager of LBB Sales & Service Inc. and said their original warehouse in Jackson was hit by a tornado in 2003.

“This is second storm that we have had to deal with as a family business," Hill said. "It’s kind of like ‘why me,’ but what do you do? It happens, you can’t do nothing about it, you just rely on family, friends and good people to help you when you need it.”

The National Weather Service surveyed this tornado on the Illinois side of the Mississippi River.

They said their storm survey team found an EF1 tornado near Ware, Ill.

Take a look at the report on other areas in and just outside the Heartland:

  • Jackson, Mo. (Cape Girardeau County): EF2 tornado damage.
  • Ware, Il. (Union County): EF1 tornado damage.
  • Hopkinsville, Ky. (Christian County): Two separate EF1 tornadoes southeast of Hopkinsville.
  • Caldwell County into northern Christian County, Ky. (Pennyrile Forest): Survey is still ongoing.
  • Trigg County, Ky.: Survey is complete. Data is still being assessed.
  • Benton, Ky. (Marshall County): Survey is complete. Data is still being assessed.
  • Wingo, Ky. (Graves County): EF1 tornado near Wingo, Ky. in Graves County on Saturday morning.
  • Patton, Mo. (Bollinger County): Survey planned for Tuesday.
  • Webster County, Ky. : Survey TBD.

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