Chief Deputy resigns on alleged ethics violation in McCracken County

MCCracken County Chief deputy resigns 1/13

MCCRACKEN COUNTY, Ky. (KFVS) - After an inquiry in early January, former Chief Deputy Mike Turnbow resigned from his position with the McCracken County Sheriff’s Department.

Sheriff Matt Carter released the information on Monday, Jan. 13.

The initial inquiry was made on Jan. 7.

Carter said he immediately began checking into the concern.

He believed it related to an ethics violation made earlier in the day.

Carter said the violation referred to a proposed ‘scheduling fee’ relating to off duty employment.

The violation is alleged to have occurred while the employee was on duty.

Carter said he determined that there was a violation and as a result, Turnbow resigned.

The sheriff has sought a review from the Kentucky Attorney General’s office as well.

He said the outside party will help determine if a criminal violation was made.

“I have and will continue to ensure the Sheriff’s Office and every deputy provides uncompromising service to our community," Carter said. "This office will continue to have a firm adherence to ethical principles and sound moral character. I continue to pledge an unrelenting determination to serve the community and to achieve a standard of excellence in every endeavor. This event at no time affected the efficient operation that we provide to the citizens on a daily basis.”

Carter said he does not want this to reflect negatively on the men and women serving the sheriff’s office.

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