Pink Up: Bismarck Senior Center Ladies craft for cancer patients

Pink Up: Bismarck Senior Center Ladies craft for cancer patients

BISMARCK, Mo. (KFVS) - “We just do it because we want to do it," said volunteer Jessie Sumpter.

It’s that simple for a group of women in Bismarck, Missouri. They donate their time and skills to help make special items for those in need.

Some of those items have helped cancer patients at Saint Francis Healthcare system in Cape Girardeau.

About 10 ladies get together every Monday morning at the Bismarck Senior Center to make special items like a seat belt cushion, which attaches to your seat belt to help protect a chemo port. They also make lap robes, hats, memory pillows and heart pillows just to name a few.

Jessie Sumpter said she stays very busy and she knows this is helping so many people. She beat breast cancer more than 27 years ago and said some of these items would have been game changers in her recovery.

“It’s very important, I wish I’d a had one of these," said Sumpter. "I made myself a cushion but I didn’t have a heart cushion because it was something we didn’t know anything about at that time.”

Volunteer JoAnn Gillam said she is happy to donate her time because she knows it helps so many people.

“I know the ones here today and if you went around and talked to them every one of them has in some way if not had cancer themselves, they’ve had a son or a daughter or parents with it," explained Gillam. "So they know the needs and they know the warm feeling you get when somebody just gives you something you can use and make our life a little more comfortable.”

The ladies have been volunteering their time and talent for more than four years now. They said they are very fortunate to receive some donations and every little bit counts.

If you would like to donate money, fabric or any supplies to the Bismarck Senior Center Ladies you can contact the Senior center in Bismarck, Missouri.

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