Emergency Management officials prepare for flooding in Carter Co., Mo.

Carter County flooding concerns

CARTER COUNTY, Mo. (KFVS) - With the chance of flash flooding in the Heartland this weekend, emergency management officials in Carter County are taking the forecast seriously.

Many in Carter County lost their homes to flooding of the Current river in 2017.

Joby Marvin, grew up in Carter County and lost his home to flooding in 2017.

With heavy rain in the forecast, Marvin knows a flash flood is likely. “Within a given year we see probably five or six times that we are not able to at any given moment maybe drive up to the house with the water over the roads,” said Marvin.

Curt Majors the Emergency Management Director said he does not expect the Current River to flood with this round of rain. Instead, his concern is low water crossings which he expects to be a big issue.

“It’s going to be an overnight event. You want to make sure people are prepared and know what they’re driving into so It’s going to rain, it’s going to rain a lot and it’s going to rain pretty fast,” said Majors.

He said the main thing he wants drivers to know is that there are dangers with flash flooding and they should be taken seriously.

“It’s really easy to become complacent. You’ve driven that road a thousand times, but there are so many factors you have to weigh. You can’t see if there is debris in the road that could stop your vehicle, you don’t know how deep it is and especially the potential that a road could just be washed away," said Majors.

Meanwhile, Marvin said he knows not to take any risk, and he detours around the water or just waits until the water level drops.

“They’re flash floods. They come up quick and many times they go down as quick so give ourselves the time to come back once it’s gone down and it’s safe to cross,” said Marvin.

Other emergency management directors said they are preparing for flash flooding. The EMA director in Butler County said they have a storm spotting team ready to respond to severe weather.

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