New FDA nutrition labels hit the stores

What you need to know about new food labels

CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. (KFVS) - Have you seen the new nutrition labels on your favorite foods? The Food and Drug Administration created new labels to make it easier for consumers to understand what’s going into their body.

A registered dietitian with Southeast HealthPoint agrees with the changes the FDA made to nutrition labels.

“They tried to highlight things to make that initial response to calories, serving size jump out at the consumer so that we could have a quicker response to those hot items they’re looking at,” said Raina Childers-Richmond.

The most noticeable changes on the nutrition labels are:

  • The font size of calories and serving size
  • New added sugars
  • The serving sizes are updated to what you are more likely to eat.

Heartland News, spoke with grocery shoppers on Tuesday to see if this affects them.

“Anything that they do to make it so that we are more aware with what’s going on with what we intake is better for us."

One shopper said the larger font sizes will be a big help

“Look at it and see what you’re really looking at you know, especially people that can’t see.”

An Anytime Fitness employee said this is helpful for people wanting to learn more about their nutrition.

“I think they made it simpler, the font sizes and all that are kind of easy, once you just teach people how to do it,” said Jill Mills.

Childers-Richmond said this is just the beginning of healthier eating.

“At this point we are just happy to have any improved consumer communication so people can have more information to make the most informed decisions that they can," she said.

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