Dog whose mouth was sealed shut with rubberbands, is now available for adoption

Veterinarian calls it “blatant abuse on a dog”

Dog whose mouth was rubberband shut recovering, available for adoption

JACKSON COUNTY, Ill. (KFVS) - The dog whose mouth was sealed shut with rubberbands, is now available for adoption.

According to a Facebook post from St. Francis CARE, the dog, now named Wyatt recovered sooner than expected.

The animal shelter is now accepting applications for a family to adopt the dog.

Those who want to adopt Wyatt can apply online, the application deadline is Friday Jan 17. at noon.

Police continue to investigate why someone sealed a dog’s mouth shut with rubberbands.

According to Deputy Chief Stan Reno from the Carbondale Police Department, the dog’s owner contacted the police department on Friday. The owner willingly gave up two dogs to the department.

Reno said the dogs were taken to Jackson County Humane Shelter, as contracted, on Friday. The humane shelter decided one dog’s injury was serious enough and they wanted to seek outside treatment. The dogs were then taken to St. Francis CARE.

He said that the incident will ultimately be reviewed by the city attorney, who will then determine if any further action will be taken.

Carbondale does have a city ordinance, that states in part: “No person or owner may abandon, cruelly beat, torment, overload, overwork, molest, starve, refuse water to, or otherwise abuse an animal in any manner.”

The shelter said the dog was brought to them on Monday afternoon, January 6 and immediately rushed to surgery.

Veterinarian Dr. Kay Creese said this is the first time she’s dealt with “blatant abuse" on a dog.

“The smell on this dog was horrible, so I made the decision to immediately take him into surgery to explore because the muzzle here yesterday was twice the size when he came in, and then matted, and just oozing with puss and fluids," she described.

The dog’s mouth had been sealed shut with rubberbands, which they say cut off his circulation and cut deeply into his skin.

Creese said by the look of it, the dog had those bands on for at least a couple of weeks.

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The animal rescue said the 13-pound dog was unable to eat or drink. They say it was one of the most severely dehydrated animals their vet had ever seen.

After 2.5 hours of surgery, the rubberbands were removed.

Dr. Creese and the St. Francis CARE team are really hoping to get to the bottom of this.

“This is not necessary. Don’t have a dog, don’t have a cat if you can’t take care of them, or if you feel like this is what you have to do with them,” Creese said.

On Tuesday, the dog that has since been named Wyatt, was quiet, shy and skinny with mucus oozing from his nose due to the infection. However, he is eating and drink and on antibiotics.

A recent post about Wyatt’s condition was shared on Facebook on Wednesday, Jan. 8.

Photos in this post may be graphic.

The pup did bark for the first time after the surgery, alerting the team he needed to use the restroom.

Dr. Creese said her goal was to get him healed and to find him a safe home. Once the infection does go away, she closed the top portion of the snout.

Police continue to investigate this incident.

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