Police investigate ATV theft in Union City, Tenn.

Police investigate ATV theft in Union City, Tenn.
Two ATVs were stolen from a dealership, according to police. (Source: Union City, Tennessee, Police Department)

UNION CITY, Tenn. (KFVS) - On Monday, Jan. 6, officials with the Union City Police Department investigated a theft at Abernathy’s, an auto dealership.

Police said the theft occurred in the ATV lot behind the Harley Dealership.

Employees said they found a section of fence that was cut and pulled back on the north side.

They also said two RZR Turbo S ATVs were stolen. The stolen vehicles are described as Steel Gray Polaris Razor Turbo S 72″ wheelbase.

Police said they found two different sets of shoe prints where the fence was cut open.

They believe both prints were made by size 11 lug sole boots.

Separate ATV tracks lead from the opened fence to another section of cut fence leading to the I-69 Highway.

The tracks continued over the highway to a third section of fence that was cut leading off I-69.

The tracks went through a corn field and a bean field before crossing Graham Street.

Officials followed the tracks to an open parking lot behind the Center Stage Dance Studio on West Main St.

The parking lot is also used by Searcy’s builders.

Abernathys’ employees are looking through store camera footage starting Saturday, Jan. 4 after 6 p.m. for information on the vehicle used to pull the ATV’s away from the lot.

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