Man shot in chest, family member arrested in Perryville, Mo.

Shooting under investigation in Perryville, Mo.

PERRYVILLE, Mo. (KFVS) - A man was shot by his father-in-law, Michael David McAtee, of Perryville. Mo.

McAtee told officers he had a handgun on him. He admitted to officers he had fired two rounds at his son-in-law, which he had been arguing with in the drive-way of the home.

In his statement, his son-in-law was not welcome at the home.

When the son-in-law was told to leave, he told McAtee he was waiting for his wife to return whether McAtee liked it or not.

McAtee told police his son-in-law went on to say, “so shoot me if you want to.”

McAtee said he responded “Alright.” and then fired two rounds at his son-in-law; one striking in the upper torso.

The son-in-law then ran to the police department four blocks away and requested medical assistance.

McAtee was charged with domestic assault and armed criminal action.

Bond for McAtee is set at $100,000 Cash Only.

Officials in Perryville, Missouri said they got several phone calls about shots fired on Jan. 2.

The calls came into the police department and the Perryville County Sheriff’s Department around 11:32 p.m.

Callers said the shots were fired in the 200 block of W. South St.

While officers left to responded to the area, a man arrived in the police department’s lobby saying he had been shot in the chest.

He was taken by emergency services to a nearby hospital for treatment of serious injuries.

Police said officers found the home where the shots were fired and took a family member of the man into custody.

They said more information will be released when charged have been filed.

This is an on-going investigation.

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