Hotel in Miner, Mo overcomes fire and reopens

Published: Dec. 27, 2019 at 11:11 PM CST
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MINER, Mo. (KFVS) - A Heartland hotel is back in business after starting 2019 with a devastating fire.

In late January emergency crews rescued occupants from the Country Hearth Inn in Miner, Mo and put out a fire on the second floor.

Shortly after the building was condemned. The two paths forward were to demolish it and move on, or put in the time and the money to revive the business.

Luckily the owners of what is now called Travel Inn and Suites invested in the hotel, and people are taking notice.

“It just looks completely different than it did. A lot nicer," said Alexis Townsend who shops in Miner and remembers seeing the devastating fire back in January.

“Honestly just driving into the outlet mall the whole back of the hotel looked awful,” she added. "It was all burnt down and black everywhere. Most of the windows were out.”

Townsend was shocked the business stuck around and is now reopen.

“It is nice because a lot of places don’t do that," Townsend said. "They just give up on it and it’s just done with.”

Staff at Travel Inn and Suites said it cost $500,000 to repair the fire and water damage and renovate the entire inside.

“We’re glad that they were able to rebuild in the way that they did and as fast as they did,” said Miner City Clerk Darrin Skinner.

Miner is next to two interstate highways, and Skinner said a lot of their funding comes from the bed sales tax at the eight hotels in town.

“The more hotels of course naturally there is more people that stay here,” Skinner said. “They help finance our tourism. We have the nice convention center here that we’re able to provide to the community for weddings and host events and without those tax dollars that wouldn’t happen.”

Skinner wants to thank the 60 first responders who got everyone out of the hotel and for containing the fire before and limiting the damage to the building.

“We think with this hotel being renovated it will actually attract more visitors to this area," Skinner said. "The hotel added sprinkler systems, which really helps out with the safety of the citizens and the people that visit our community and it really turned out to be a nice facility.”

The hotel was closed for most of 2019 and has now has been back open for a couple of months.

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