Cape Girardeau businesses experience different amount of foot traffic this time of year

A slowdown for Cape Girardeau's Downtown businesses

CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. (KFVS) - As local businesses take stock of the holiday and wrap up the year, some downtown Cape Girardeau business owners have different mindsets about how much foot traffic comes in and out their stores.

Robert Gentry owns The Corner Grocery Store in Cape Girardeau.

“We’re very, very, extremely busy going into Christmas,” he said.

Gentry said this time of year is always a busy one. But as soon as Christmas is over, that changes.

“We noticed over the 13 years that we’ve been here that usually the week between Christmas and new year’s is extremely slow,” said Gentry.

He said thinks he knows why.

“A lot of people are returning gifts,and packages at the mall and other places,” he said.

Down the street at Shivelbines, the owner Greg Shivelbine said they face a different holiday challenge.

“Mom and pop shops, brick and mortar are taking a big hit from the internet, and it’s kind of a punch in the guts,” he said.

But Shivelbine said, for them, it isn’t just about big Christmas sales.

“Our busiest time is when school starts in the fall with most of our businesses related to the schools,” he said.

Over at Annie Laurie’s the owner, Laurie Everett, said business couldn’t be better.

“This is definitely the most wonderful time of year for us and business,” she said.

She said foot traffic continues even after Christmas.

“We do see a spark the week after Christmas because people have Christmas money, they have family in town or there off of work,and want to spend that Christmas money,” she said.

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