Center Junction Project worries some area businesses

Center Junction project updates

CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. (KFVS) - Work will be starting soon on a huge construction project in Cape Girardeau County.

Jackson city leaders voted on Monday night, December 16 on bids for water line and electric work at center junction ahead of the Missouri Department of Transportation’s multi-million dollar renovation.

According to city administrators, Jackson’s Board of Alderman unanimously passed the moving of water and electric lines ahead of the construction at Center Junction. The work is expected to start in January and be completed by the end of March.

Area business owners hope they don’t have to make their own big changes.

Janet Ackman owns Delmonicos restaurant on the Jackson side of Center Junction.

“It’s very frustrating,” she said. “I guess what we’re fearing a lot of is the fear of the unknown."

Ackman said she thinks the possible traffic delays caused by the project will turn away her customers.

"If they cut the traffic down to where it's like jam packed, you know jam packed then people aren't going to turn off and on," she said.

She worries lack of visibility will slow down any new business.

“I sit back off the road, so I don’t have the availability of putting a sign out there because it’s other people’s property, so it’s going to be a little more difficult,” Ackman said.

First Auto Credit general manager David Likens said he’s just waiting on MoDOT to know what the final project will look like.

“We like planning ahead of time,” he said.

Likens said the sooner they know about delays and alternate routes, the better.

“At least we can communicate that we can get off at the East Main Lasalle Exit, and it’s not that much of a burden," he said. “You’re going to drive an extra mile or two possible.”

He said it could possibly affect his staff.

“They’ll probably have to leave early because we have a split group. We all aren’t from Jackson,” Likens said.

Back at Delmonicos, Ackman is counting on her loyal customers to carry them through.

“We’ve been in Jackson for 35 years and we’re hoping we can get through this,” she said.

Jackson Leaders said both projects will start within the month and will be complete before the Center Junction work begins.

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